Water & Wastewater Management

To provide reliable sanitary service and meet wastewater servicing demands, the city initiated a sanitary servicing study in 2014.

The city retained XCG Consultants Ltd. (XCG) to prepare the Sanitary Servicing Study that included updating the exiting 2006 sanitary system hydraulic model, an evaluation of existing wastewater services, and preparation of a sanitary servicing strategy to address future growth.

The updated sanitary system model, as an engineering tool, is to be used to support the city in planning sanitary servicing to meet existing and future capacity needs. To start this work, the city initiated the collection of flow monitoring data, with additional flow monitoring to characterize both dry and weather flows. This new information, and an updated sanitary system model, is used to assess current wastewater servicing levels and identify servicing alternatives for future growth areas.

Through the city's planning efforts, future development is identified in the south and west of the city documented in the Municipal Development Plan (MDP). Furthermore, there are plans for a northeast sanitary trunk sewer as part of the city's regional servicing strategy. The sanitary servicing study takes into consideration the proposed servicing strategies and provides more detailed information with respect to staging of needed infrastructure and sizing.

>> MDP Amendments Bylaw 870-2014