Leduc receives Minister’s Award for Environmental Innovation for Solar Carport and EV Charging Station

On Monday, February 27, Leduc received the Minister’s Award for Environmental Innovation for the solar carport and electric vehicle (EV) charging station installed at 4821 50th Avenue in late 2022. 

The City of Leduc has made significant contributions to projects to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of Leduc. In addition to the solar carport and EV charging station, the City purchased an electric Zamboni for the Leduc Recreation Centre, a City electric vehicle, and two John Deere electric gators. In addition to the vehicles, Leduc also installed solar panels on the roofs of the Leduc Recreation Centre and the Leduc Operations Building. Leduc’s Eco Station is also equipped with 44-panel rooftop solar panels, furnished with eco-friendly furniture, and was built with eco-friendly construction materials. 

“We are honoured to receive the Minister’s Award for Environmental Innovation,” said Leduc Mayor Bob Young. “The City of Leduc is at the forefront of becoming a green city, and we’re actively searching for affordable ways to improve the health of our community.” 

Since October 19, the solar carport and EV charging station has been used 962 times (approximately eight cars/day), with most of the uses providing significant battery charges. 

The City plans to unveil its newest charging station (two level-two, and two level-three) at the Leduc Recreation Centre in Spring 2023.