Online Information Session – Grant MacEwan Widening

This session and submissions have now closed. Thank you for participating, either online or in-person.

Please visit the project page for details and updates on construction progress throughout 2021. 


The City of Leduc supports and encourages all residents to be involved and informed on the city’s development and construction plans, which are intended to grow our community and enhance quality of life for current and future generations.

This online information session was an opportunity for all Leduc residents to learn more about the plans to widen Grant MacEwan Boulevard during the 2021 construction season.

Project-related documents and drawings are available here for your review. Please note these are not final, and may be subject to change

> Project Overview
> Detailed Documents

Project Overview

Grant MacEwan Boulevard is an important and busy roadway in the City of Leduc. Over the years, it has come to see a higher volume of traffic, which it is no longer capable of safely supporting. 

May – October 2021, Grant MacEwan Boulevard will be widened from a two-lane rural road to a four-lane urban standard between 50th Avenue and 150 meters south of Black Gold Drive. This will ensure it can safely accommodate current and future traffic levels, improve traffic flow and ease traffic congestion, and support the continuous growth of our community.

Grant MacEwan was originally planned as a 2-lane collector road; however, with the annexation of the additional land on the west side of the City the classification of Grant MacEwan was updated to a major arterial roadway. The need to four-lane the portion of Grant MacEwan between 50 Avenue and Black Gold Drive was first identified in the 2011 Transportation Master Plan (“TMP”), when the City reached a population of 30,500-35,000. Due to this history, the original right of way that was established for Grant MacEwan is smaller than typical and creates challenges to fit everything required.

Due to the extremely restrictive size of the right of way, the existing trees with the boulevard will need to be removed prior to construction. These trees will be replaced on a 1-to-1 basis in other areas of the City as per City guidelines reducing the environmental impact that losing these trees will have.

The project will also include noise attenuating fence along the east property line between 50 Avenue and Black Gold Drive to keep the long-term projected noise to within the City of Leduc guidelines. Residents with impacted properties have been contacted directly by the City, and direct communication will be maintained with them throughout the project. 

A detailed project overview is provided in the documents below.

Detailed Documents: