Kindness Counts

The people of Leduc are generous, compassionate and caring. 

Every act of kindness - big or small - counts. 

Kindness Counts is a way for us to recognize and celebrate the acts of kindness that lifted spirits throughout Leduc in 2020. From coffee runs and grocery drop-offs, to snow shovelling and creative milestone celebrations (and much more!), we want to thank those who found ways to bring cheer and hope to those around them in a year that held many challenges and uncertainties. 

>Nomination Guidelines

Nomination Guidelines

  • Nominees must have demonstrated an act of outstanding or exceptional kindness towards others. Examples may include acts of kindness or service that:
    • Make new neighbours feel welcome
    • Provide a helping hand to those in need
    • Enhance the quality of life of others
    • Build morale of others
  • The kind act must have occurred within City of Leduc limits.
  • It must be above and beyond, and not related to the nominee’s regular job duties or other forms of compensation.
    • City of Leduc employees may be nominated for acts of kindness committed outside of work hours.
  • All people or groups nominated will be notified by the City of Leduc for their permission to publicly share the nomination.
  • If the nominee is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian the City of Leduc will also require consent of a parent or guardian to publicly share the nomination.


Submissions are now closed. 

We asked for submissions from the community that share stories of kindness and appreciation for those whose actions make a difference. 

Submissions are being used to create a “Thank You” video, shining a light on the caring citizens who make Leduc a great place to live. This video will be featured on our social media and website (for one year).