2023 Wood Ringette Tournament generates $350K in economic activity for Leduc

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

More than $350K in economic activity was generated in Leduc from the Wood Ringette Tournament held at the Leduc Recreation Centre (LRC) in December 2023. The economic impact of this tournament is within the top 20 events assessed by Sport Tourism Canada in Leduc since 2008. 

"We are proud to continue to be a destination for high calibre sporting events and to welcome all visitors with open arms and exceptional hospitality," says City of Leduc Mayor Bob Young. "We've seen the economic importance of sport tourism in Leduc time and time again, and how the community benefits from hosting these events."

Sport Tourism Canada used the STEAM Pro economic impact assessment model to analyze visitor data gathered by on-site surveyors over the three-day event to complete an Economic Impact Study. During face-to-face surveys, data was gathered to create spending profiles of event attendees and to measure the quality of their visitor experience at the LRC. 

Highlights from the Economic Impact Study: 

  • The ringette tournament brought 2,175 visitors from across western Canada to Leduc. 
  • Visitors spent $253K locally on accommodations, dining, transportation, shopping and other recreational activities. 
  • Of all out-of-town attendees, 44 per cent stayed overnight for approximately 2.8 nights. 
  • Of those surveyed who interacted with LRC staff, 98 per cent said they had a positive experience.
  • Of those surveyed, more than 99.6 per cent said the LRC facilities met or exceeded their expectations. 

The study also outlines the operational expenses required to put on the event were roughly $35K, and the event supported approximately 99K in local wages and salaries. 

The study also shows the event generated more than $431K in overall economic impact for the province and boosted the provincial gross domestic product (GDP) by more than $206K. The event supported nearly $84K in tax revenue across Canada. 

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