50 Street QEII off-ramp temporarily closing Aug. 21

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Starting the evening of Aug. 21, the southbound off-ramp from the QEII highway onto 50 Street will temporarily close for approximately two months. Motorists can enter the City of Leduc by the Airport Road off-ramp before the closed exit or after via the 50 Avenue off-ramp.  

Inclement weather has delayed the progress of construction. The temporary closure aims to accelerate the completion of the 50 Street on-ramp to the highway and 64 Ave off-ramp into Leduc Town Square to reopen permanently for the winter. 

Traffic will be free flow at the intersection of 65 Avenue and 50 Street during the closure. New traffic signals will be installed in time for the reopening. Motorists can follow posted signage to follow detours.  

The off-ramp closure is part of the 65 Avenue and QEII Interchange Project. The two-year long project will support safety and ease of movement of people and goods upon completion. It will stimulate continued economic development through investment growth, job creation, and diversification in our community. 

Learn more about the project by each phase through the interactive 65 Ave and QEII Interchange project map website or check on construction progress at leduc.ca/65ave