City prioritizes public safety and responsible pet ownership

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Leduc City Council will consider changes to the Animal Control and Licencing Bylaw during a City Council meeting on Nov. 20, 2023. 

The proposed bylaw changes are intended to serve as enforcement tools to enhance public safety and provide the City with more immediate options when responding to situations in which a dog may endanger the public. 

The proposed bylaw amendments include: 

  • Allowing the City to deem a dog 'restricted' prior to a conviction; this classification requires the dog to be cared for in a more secure manner
  • Providing a process for appeal to the City Manager in reference to the 'restricted' classification
  • Allowing the City to seize and impound a dog involved in a serious attack for up to 21 days for the purposes of a behavioural assessment to allow for immediate protection to the public while the matter is investigated and charges are prepared. 

"Public safety is a top priority for the City," says Cameron Chisholm, Manager, RCMP Administration and Enforcement Services. "We are continuously looking at opportunities to improve and support a safe, peaceful, and healthy environment for the entire community to enjoy."

The proposed changes reflect evolving best practices and are similar to bylaw provisions in neighbouring municipalities. 

Responsible and considerate pet ownership is critical to ensuring a safe, peaceful, healthy community for everyone. All pet owners in Leduc are required to do their part and take the necessary steps to ensure they and their pets comply with the bylaw requirements