Coyote sightings near Bridgeport and surrounding areas

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Over the past week, the city’s Public Services Department has received numerous reports of coyote sightings in the Bridgeport, Meadowview and Robinson areas. In response, the city is continuing to work with a Wildlife Control Contractor from Animal Damage Control.

Steps to control the coyotes include hazing areas on a daily basis and monitoring hotspots for sightings. The process of hazing does not injure the animal, but instead uses small clay pellets and uses service dogs to encourage behavioural changes and relocation to areas clear of residents and domesticated animals. Only when the coyote(s) are deemed a safety risk are lethal actions considered.  

To help minimize coyotes from encroaching into residential areas, residents can take preventative measures by eliminating food sources, including overflowing bird feeders, uncovered garbage sources, accessible pet food and unattended pets, as well as closing off any spaces on their property that could be used for shelter.

Please be advised that the Wildlife Control Contractor is in continuous communication with the RCMP and should not be approached while conducting their services. If you do encounter a coyote it is important to remain calm, make your presence known and back away facing it. Pick up small children and animals and never approach or try to feed it.  Residents are advised to exercise caution in the area and report any coyote sightings to Public Services at 780-980-7133.

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