Movie crews return to Leduc to film Chasing Midnight

Friday, August 11, 2023

From Aug. 14 to Aug. 31, Factory Film Studio will return to Leduc to film their second movie in our community this year.  
The City of Leduc will host the cast and crew for the upcoming film Chasing Midnight, a heist thriller with the theme “Twelve hours to change your life...” Leduc residents may be familiar with the star of the movie, Brian Austin Green from the hit series 90210.  

Residents and businesses can expect to see cameras and crews around downtown and Leduc during their three-week production.   

We are thrilled that Factory Film Studio has chosen Leduc as the backdrop to another film on their roster this year,” said Leduc Mayor Bob Young. “The City of Leduc is extremely proud to welcome new business opportunities to the area, and the economic boost that they bring to our community.”  

The City does not expect significant disruptions to residents’ daily commutes or life, but there may be some minor parking impacts in and around Main Street as logistics trucks set up the filming locations. 

The community is encouraged to keep an eye on our social media channels to see some behind-the-scenes content over the next few weeks.