Public Notice: Leduc City Council prioritizes safety

Thursday, July 6, 2023

In a special council meeting held today, Leduc City Council made the decision to remove Public Commentary from the agenda of the upcoming July 10 meeting. This measure was taken after careful consideration and consultation with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who provided a risk assessment emphasizing the importance of ensuring the safety of all attendees, including the public, guest presenters, staff, and council members. 

Mayor Young expressed his regret over the necessity of this action, stating, "While removing public commentary from the agenda is unfortunate, it is a crucial step we must take given the current circumstances. During the summer, Council will thoroughly review the existing process in order to strike a balance between public participation in Council meetings and the safety and security of all individuals involved." 

Leduc City Council assures residents and business owners that alternative avenues for communication will remain open. Those who wish to address Council are encouraged to reach out through email or telephone, or to request meetings with their respective city representatives. City Council is committed to maintaining accessibility and fostering meaningful dialogue with the community. 

This decision to remove public commentary from this meeting aligns with the City's steadfast commitment to ensuring a secure and inclusive environment for civic engagement. Leduc City Council recognizes the importance of engaging with its constituents and will work diligently to explore effective solutions that prioritize safety while facilitating public participation in future Council meetings.