[RE] IMAGINE the future of our City’s Urban Centre!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

The City of Leduc is beginning a two-year journey to reimagine its urban centre through the Urban Centre Redevelopment Plan (UCRP) project that will involve multiple opportunities for public engagement.  

The goal of the project is to create a statutory land use plan that will guide the revitalization and redevelopment of Leduc’s central neighbourhoods, which is referred to as the Urban Centre and made up of the Central Business District, Alexandra Park Neighbourhood and Telford House. Once complete, the plan will give direction on how land is used in the future, housing, phasing of redevelopment, urban design, and character. 

“The Urban Centre Redevelopment Plan will be our guide for the long-term vision of the urban centre,” says City of Leduc Mayor Bob Young. “Our hope is that it becomes a greater destination and major commercial hub that offers high-density, mixed-used neighbourhoods, and because we are a community built by the community, public engagement is valued and greatly encouraged throughout this process.” 

This will be a two-year project with three key phases: 

  1. Visioning Phase 
    The purpose of this phase is to gain a baseline understanding of community conditions and prepare a city-wide vision for the plan. 
  2. Planning Phase 
    The purpose of this phase is to prepare a clear, concise and easy-to-follow path for bridging “existing conditions” with “desired community vision”. 
  3. Confirming Phase  
    The purpose of this phase is to finalize the plan and begin implementation. 


We want to hear from you! 
We are in the Visioning Phase and want your feedback on opportunities and issues currently facing the Urban Centre. Your input will be used to prioritize how we approach future land use, housing, phasing of redevelopment, urban design, and character of the area.  

How you can get involved: 
There are two main ways for you to get involved. 

1. Drop in at one of the community workshops at the Civic Centre (1 Alexandra Park) on: 

  • Wednesday, March 8 from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m., or 
  • Thursday, March 9 from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.  

2. Through the online survey by March 26.  

Check out the Urban Centre Redevelopment Plan website for more information and to sign up for project notifications and future engagement opportunities.   


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