Statement Regarding “Save the Hub” Petition

Saturday, January 27, 2024

We became aware of the petition late Friday. It comes as somewhat of a surprise, since the City has been working collaboratively with the Leduc Hub Association to support them and the vulnerable individuals we both serve. Most recently, the City has been participating with the Hub as a member of the Leduc Homelessness Task Force, with the goal of addressing issues related to homelessness and poverty in Leduc. The final report from that group is due to be presented to Council in late February.

Since June of last year, the City has been encouraging the Hub to apply to extend their development permit, if they were considering staying in the current location. Although there has been some inaccurate information indicating City Council has changed or is considering changes to its Land Use Bylaw to restrict where the Hub may operate, that is simply not the case.

The Hub is free to apply to extend their permit, subject to the same terms and conditions that any other discretionary use applicant must follow. The City’s development officers continue to work with representatives of the Hub to help them understand and comply with this legislated process.

Homelessness is a complex issue that many municipalities are struggling to manage. This Council believes that every person, regardless of circumstances, deserves a safe place to sleep at night, access to social services, and the opportunity to obtain affordable, stable, and secure housing.

Laura Tillack, Deputy Mayor
The City of Leduc