Walkability and safety among resident priorities in urban centre revitalization

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The What We Heard Report is now available and includes feedback from the initial Visioning Phase of the Urban Centre Redevelopment Plan (UCRP). Residents and stakeholders were invited in March 2023 to provide the City with input into how they envision the growth and transformation of the Urban Centre. The area consists of the Central Business District, Alexandra Park neighbourhood and the Telford House area. 

Engagement for the first phase was to understand baseline conditions of the community and prepare a community-wide vision for the plan. Walkability and safety were the top priorities. In total, 153 responded to the online survey and 27 residents participated in the community workshops. 

Key takeaways 

  • More work can be done for walkability and better connectivity for pedestrians. 
  • Safety and support for those in the Urban Centre to help vulnerable populations in the area is a concern. 
  • Park space and public facilities are highly valued as a great place to meet people in the community. 
  • There is a desire to increase variation in businesses to draw in more patrons. 
  • There is a desire to improve buildings and storefronts to create a more attractive and inviting atmosphere. 

Phase two will focus on policies with engagement opportunities coming early-2024 to decide how to best bridge existing conditions and the desired community vision.  

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