Community Drug Action Committee

The Leduc Community Drug Action Committee (LCDAC) meets monthly, and is an initiative operating under FCSS. LCDAC's vision is to inspire and support a drug aware and resilient community. In carrying out its vision the Committee shall utilize a prevention focused approach, in the City of Leduc, by means of:

  • Education and Awareness;
  • Advocacy;
  • Community Engagement;
  • Neworking;
  • Support of (Enforcement, Intervention, Access to Services, Harm Reduction and Recovery)

The Committee shall be comprised of, but is not limited to one member of Council (duly appointed by City Council), and representatives from a broad cross-section of Leduc:

  • People with lived experience;
  • Alberta Health Services: Addiction and Mental Health;
  • RCMP;
  • Probation / Community Corrections;
  • Leduc Ministerial;
  • FCSS (City of Leduc and Leduc County);
  • Regional Schools;
  • Daystar Recovery;
  • City Life Recovery;
  • Parent Councils;
  • Youth representatives;
  • Young adult representatives;
  • Concerned Citizens;

Each Committee member shall sign an oath of confidentiality annually at the January meeting or upon joining the committee.

LCDAC Projects & Programs

  • Positive Ticketing Campaign
  • Adult and youth education and referrals
  • Alcohol discussions and education about low risk drinking guidelines
  • Cannabis Let's Talk
  • Meet the Parents
  • Education at community events (RCMP open house, Leduc Regional Family Fun Fair, Community Information and Registration Days)

For more information call 780-980-7109.