Workshops & Information Sessions

Family and Community Support Services offers a number of workshops and information sessions throughout the year to support Leduc residents in a variety of ways. 

Scheduled workshops and information sessions can be viewed in the city's event listings.  To register or inquire about upcoming sessions, please call 780-980-7109.



Children in Change workshop.jpg

Children in Change supports kids ages 6 through 10 who are experiencing significant family changes in their lives, including divorce, separation, death, frequent moves and mental health issues of a parent.

Co-parenting workshop.jpg

The Co-Parenting workshop helps parents to learn effective co-parenting techniques and ease the impact of separation/divorce. Co-parents may attend individually or togethers. Sign up for the webinars Coping Effectively After Divorce or Separation and Communicating Effectively After Divorce or Separation (until Jan. 31, 2021).

Harm Reduction Workshop_0.jpg

The Harm Reduction Workshop explores the rationale and research behind harm reduction as a method of treating addiction.

Raising Resilient Children.jpg

Learn how can you help your child to manage their emotions so they cope well with disappointment and in stressful situations.

Rock Your Block Bootcamp workshop.jpg

Learn all the secrets and tips you'll need to throw an awesome block party in your neighbourhood!

Home Alone.jpg

Developed by Leduc County FCSS, Home Alone is a program designed to start the conversation between a parent/guardian and child about the child's emotional and physical readiness to be home alone successfully.

Information Sessions

Fentanyl Information Session and Naloxone Training sessions.jpg

The Fentanyl Information Session equips attendees with resources and information they need to protect themselves and their community from the negative effects of fentanyl.  The Naloxone Training Session teaches attendees to identify the signs of an opioid overdose and how to administer Naloxone to temporarily reverse the overdose effects.

Interagency Brown Bag info sessions.jpg

Lunchtime presentations and information sharing with representatives from local agencies, organizations and individuals who provide programs or services to Leduc residents.

Meet The Parents Dinner_0.jpg

Parents of teens are invited to come out and meet others dealing with the same challenges and learn about community supports over a free dinner.

Personal Disaster Preparedness info session.jpg

Learn how to protect yourself and your family in the event of a disaster.

Red Cross Volunteer Recruitment info session.jpg

Learn how you can get involved with the Red Cross to help your community in the event of a local emergency.

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Create a personalized self-empowerment program designed to help you get well and stay well on a daily basis.