Snow removal is complete on residential roads

Thursday, February 9, 2023

City crews have completed snow removal for all neighbourhood roads in Leduc. So far, about 6,900 truckloads of snow have been hauled away, 924 courtesy calls about parked vehicles have been made, and 153 vehicles were tagged and towed during snow removal. 

The City thanks residents for their cooperation and greatly appreciates the collective effort made to move vehicles. Equipment operators and truck drivers were able to quickly plow and efficiently clear snow without having to work around parked vehicles. Changing weather conditions provided some challenges with the buildup of ice in the snowpack.  

Crews will switch their focus to clearing alleys in the coming weeks. Overall, the changes to the City’s Traffic Bylaw to support the Snow and Ice Policy have made for a successful and smooth snow removal this winter. 

Residents can anticipate more snow removal and parking bans this season pending the amount of snowfall to come. Stay connected with snow removal updates be notified about parking bans by subscribing for email notifications 


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