Cannabis-related Business

The sale of recreational cannabis will be legalized by the Federal Government as of October 17, 2018. In anticipation, the City of Leduc has begun applications for cannabis retail businesses. It is important to note that although applications may be approved before the October legalization date, sales of recreational cannabis will not be permitted until legalization has occurred.

Land Use Bylaw

>> Cannabis Land Use Guidelines

Permitted cannabis-related businesses in the city include: Retail Store (Cannabis) (also referred to as cannabis store), Cannabis Production and Distribution and Cannabis Counselling. The city has implemented a Cannabis Overlay within its Land Use Bylaw that identifies certain areas within the city where cannabis-related businesses may be allowed. In addition to this overlay, city regulations require cannabis stores to have a 100 m separating distance from a liquor store, as well as a 100 m separating distance between other cannabis store locations.

Cannabis stores are not permitted to locate on a parcel of land abutting another parcel of land containing a day care, or another parcel of land designated as a General Recreation or Urban Services district. Under the bylaw, all cannabis-related businesses are deemed discretionary use and subject to a 21-day appeal period immediately following approval and issuance of a development permit.