Natural Areas

Photo of Telford Lake Boardwalk

The City of Leduc Environmental Plan has a vision to protect it’s vital and ecologically important land resources and offer people that live within the community opportunities to recreate and experience nature.

The City conducted a natural habitat inventory for the community called an Environmentally Significant Areas study. Environmentally Significant Areas are defined as areas that are vital to the long-term biodiversity, landscape features and other natural processes of the area.

The Study identified the top ten natural areas in Leduc including, Telford lake, Deer Creek, Whitemud Creek Tributary, and key wetlands, tree stands and upland areas.

Telford Lake is the largest natural area in Leduc, and home to many land- and water-dwelling species. It is the start of a wildlife corridor that extends all the way to Saunders Lake in Leduc County. This corridor provides habitat connectivity, important for animals that move around their territories to find mates, hunt and forage.