Community Group Assistance

You want to make our community a better place, and the City of Leduc wants to help you. The following services are available to local sport, recreation, parks & cultural community groups:

  • Organizational, board & fund development
  • Information sharing, referral, creating and strengthening community partnerships
  • Community consultation and engagement for existing and future sport, recreation, parks and cultural events, services and related facility planning
  • Provision of leadership opportunities
  • Risk management and insurance consultation
  • Facilitation of agreements and contracts for use of municipal fields and facilities
  • Liaise with local groups to identify and recognize community volunteers
  • Hosting liaison for major events
  • Promotion of special events
  • Grants

Community Group Contact List

View our complete listing of Community Groups in Leduc, and how you can get in contact with them.

Event Hosting Grants

To provide a source of funds for eligible community groups and eligible community events to assist in defraying costs associated with those events.
>> Hosting Grant Request Form

Travel Grants

To assist City of Leduc residents with the cost of travel to provincial, national or international events in which they represent the City of Leduc, or to receive training/instruction that will be taught in the community
>> Travel Grant Request Form 

Sport Tourism Development Grant

Our sports tourism grant assists with the costs of hosting multi-day sporting events in the City of Leduc. Applications need to be submitted at least 2 months before the event. 
>> Sport Tourism Development Grant Application

Grants to Organizations 

These grants provide assistance to Leduc non-profit organizations whose activities benefit Leduc citizens. 

  • Recreation/amateur sport, arts, culture, parks, and other community activities: reviewed by Parks, Recreation & Culture Board (PRCB)
  • Social services programs & initiatives: reviewed by the Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) board. 
  • Requests falling outside of the above mandates: reviewed by an ad hoc Grants to Organizations Committee, comprised of reps from council, PRCB and the FCSS board. 

After reviewing the applications, the appropriate board will make a recommendation to City Council on whether or not funding should be granted, and if so, how much. 

How to Apply

Complete the following forms: 

Submit these 3 forms, by mail or in person, to the Civic Centre:

  • Family & Community Support Services or Community Development 
    1 Alexandra Park
    Leduc, AB T9E 4C4


Applications for 2019 Grants to Organizations are due August 13, 2019 at noon.

FCSS & PRC Eligibility

Final Report

All successful GTO recipients are required to submit a final report for each year of their grant. 

The 2018 Final Report is due January 31, 2019.
The 2019 Final Report is due January 31, 2020.

Contact Info

If you have any questions about the Grants to Organizations program email: 
>> Family & Community Support Services
>> Community Development & Culture

Questions about Available Grants? 

If you would like more information on these services contact:

Sport Tourism

Community Development

Family & Community Support Services