Organize a block party

Block parties are a great way to build connection with our neighbours, and during the current COVID-19 pandemic, these connections are more vital than ever. The City of Leduc is happy to support our residents in hosting events in their neighbourhoods in order to allow you to make new friends, enjoy group activities, and feel more connected to your community. 

To help make your block party a success please note the following:

  • Locations: The best locations to host a block party are driveways, your yard, local parks and green spaces. Select roadways may be eligible for block party closures, depending on safety guidelines and neighbourhood approval. Please see our collector routes map indicating roads that cannot be closed so that vehicles can safely enter neighbourhoods. To see whether your street is eligible for a block party closure, email 
  • First Responder Attendance: Did you want to be a firefighter when you grew up? Or have you ever wanted to see the inside of a police car? You may now request the attendance of our City's first responders to join you at your block party! This is a great opportunity to learn about all they do in our community. Attendance will be based on availability the day of the event as emergency calls must take priority. 
  • Planning Your Party:  Before you start planning your block party, please download and read the files below. If you have more questions, please call Family and Community Support Services at 780-980-7109
  • Booking Your Party:  To book your party, Block Party Hosts must submit the following to Family and Community Support Services
    • Complete a Block Party Request
    • If requesting a road closure, complete a temporary road closure permit, including a map of the location
      • Please note that as safety is our top priority, some requests may not be approved. We will do our best to provide other suggestions. Be sure to check the map indicating roads that can not be closed. If you would like to inquire about your street's eligibility for a block party road closure, please email
      • Submit a completed Neighbour Road Closure Agreement. A minimum of 75% of the area blocked must sign-up in agreement.
    • To assist in your block party, the City of Leduc requires a minimum of 14 days' notice.

Once you book your block party:

  • The City will help you to plan your party to ensure a safe and legal event. 

  • Family and Community Support Services is here to help plan your block party. Hosting a block party is a great way for neighbours to get together, meet each other and have some fun! If you are interested in hosting a block party and would like additional support please call 780-980-7109. FCSS can assist with; 

    • ​Suggestions to make your party a success

    • Providing templates for neighbour invitations 

    • Lending you outdoor games 

    • And more!    

  • Did you know that building friendships amongst neighbours is not only fun - it can also result in safer, more caring communities! 
  • Upon road closure permit approval, the organizer of the block party can sign out barricades at the City of Leduc Operations Building, located at 4300 56 Ave at the front reception for FREE. The barricades will be available to be picked up during business hours Monday to Friday (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.). If your event is on the weekend you can pick the barricades up on the Friday and return them on the following Monday. 

​Thank you to Coldwell Banker Haida Realty for supporting “Rock Your Block!”