Safe Speeds in Leduc

The speed limit on all residential streets in the City of Leduc is 40 km/hour. Additionally, all Leduc school zone speed limits is 30 km/hour on school days from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Safety over speed on residential streets 

Reducing speed limits on residential streets in Leduc makes our community safer, calmer and quieter for everyone. It slows speeders down and gives drivers more time to react to the unexpected by increasing their field of vision and decreasing braking distances. This helps prevent collisions and reduces the severity of injuries when they do happen. 

Results of a recent speed change pilot project in Southfork (2021) showed that when the residential speed limit was reduced to 40 km/hour, average speeds were essentially unchanged but excessive speeds were reduced from 55–58 km/hour to 44–49 km/hour. So, while most already drive at a safe speed and will not be impacted, data shows those who drive too fast will slow down by 10 km/hour. 

Improving community safety: 

  • A five per cent reduction in average speed can reduce the number of fatalities by 30 per cent.  
  • When roads are wet or icy, you need 5 extra meters at 30 km/hour and 10 extra meters at 50 km/hour in order to stop safely. 
  • A 30 km/h impact is the equivalent of falling from a second story window (3.5 metres). 
  • A collision at 50 km/hour is like falling from a fourth-floor window (9.8 metres). 
  • A pedestrian is twice as likely to survive a traffic accident if hit at 40 km/hour instead of 50 km/hour. 

Sources: Alberta TransportationWorld Health Organization, National Association of City Transportation Officials

Get involved in your neighbourhood 

Be part of the change. Use the Safe Speeds Toolkit to tell your friends, family and neighbours about how 40 km/hour increases your field of vision, gives you more time to react, and reduces the likelihood of tragic accidents.  

Available tools include:  

  • Sample social media has been developed to help you promote conversations about safe speeds in your neighbourhood. 
  • Graphics are available for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.​
  • Applications to receive free, safe speed community signs will re-open in spring 2024.