Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

Make an impression

Have your brand seen

Attract attention

Get connected

And drive interest


Build year round presence in our 309,000 square foot facility by sharing your brand with athletes, spectators, residents and visitors. The Leduc Recreation Centre hosts over 1.2 Million people a year in the various spaces within the building. We are focused on providing business results through good leadership, collaboration and strong relationships. From rink boards, equipment wraps, amenity sponsorship, to our 70+ page City Guide – we believe in a collaborative approach, customizing a package for you, offering multi-medium, multi-year discounts.

Benefits to choosing the LRC as your place to advertise

Broad demographic within the facility
Frequented by 1.2 million annually
Reach your target audience while they are spending their valuable recreation and leisure time with friends and family
Clutterless facility with very little brand competition
Increase brand recognition and loyalty
There is something for every business and every budget
There is no better way to get your business name and services you offer in front of residents – your greatest potential customer
Proven Sport Tourism success as we aim to have one National or International level event annually, as a result expands the potential reach of digital media exposure
Community advertising is impactful!

We want to be your partner of choice finding unique ways to customize activation of your brand while working within your budget.

To learn more about the opportunities available,  please contact our Corporate Partnerships Coordinator  Denise Broadbent 780-980-7178 or dbroadbent@leduc.ca

Available Opportunities


Arena board advertising helps you spend more time with your audience. Studies show that the average spectator spends 60 minutes per arena visit - often visiting more than once a week - increasing the frequency of your message being seen. Learn how you can advertise in our arenas.


City Guide - your connection to active families
The City Guide is Leduc's recreation, wellness, how and where to get active publication for the whole family - providing information on many City activities and programs being offered to the community. It is published online four times per year. With over 70 pages packed with activities, programs, schedules, services offered and events - the City Guide is a great way to promote your brand, association and any activities being offered by your organization.  It is an incredible opportunity to reach new customers, increase brand recognition and loyalty while supporting the community. 

Learn how you can advertise in the City Guide.

Ice Resurfacers

Want your brand to be the centre of attention?  Full wrap and advertising panels put your brand front & centre of community rink activities.  With up to 30 tours of the ice per day, ice resurfacers have become a captivating and unique opportunity to market your brand and support your community.

Learn how you can advertise on our Ice Resurfacers.

LRC Wall Board - Stairwell Bulkhead


A powerful movement to facility and program sponsorship has captured the imagination of business leaders everywhere. Delivering deeper and more meaningful customer relationships, marketing data shows customers are more likely to invest and support businesses that show interest and support their community.  Sponsorships deliver far more by strengthening brand recognition and providing experiential opportunities, giving continuity to messaging over time. The City of Leduc customizes sponsorship opportunities through a collaborative approach to ensure the best fit with the sponsor's needs and goals. 

A special thank you to our valued Sponsors of the LRC!




Leduc Transit

Build your brand, increase sales and find new employees with Leduc Transit's interior, exterior, and bus stop advertising opportunities. 

Learn how you can advertise with Leduc Transit.