Property assessment

New! Leduc property owners can now choose to receive their property assessment and tax notices electronically. To sign up for electronic property assessment and tax communications, submit a registration request online or in-person at the Civic Centre Finance Counter.  

Note: You cannot receive both print and electronic notifications – if you sign up for electronic property assessment and tax notices, you will no longer receive print copies in the mail and will be responsible for checking online and ensuring payments are made on time.  

Property assessment is the process of applying market value to all properties within the municipality on an annual basis for taxation purposes. Properties are re-assessed annually by city assessors who review properties throughout the year. This process is regulated by the provincial government, and uses the market value approach for residential and most commercial property.

Market value assessments are based on market value as of July 1 of the year prior to the taxation year and is defined as the price a property might reasonably sell for after adequate time in an open market. Assessors calculate your assessment by looking at the property characteristics like size, type, location, style, condition, property age, lot size and the selling price of similar neighborhood properties.

Your property assessment is affected by market changes caused by supply and demand. Your assessment will also be influenced by improvements or modifications made to your property.

Property assessment notices

Property assessment notices are mailed in January each year. The assessment notice shows the assessed value of your property, which will be used, in conjunction with the municipal and school tax rates, to calculate your property taxes.

Property or business owners in Leduc can also use the city’s online property assessment tool to access and review their assessment information.

If you have questions about your assessment notice or did not receive yours, please call 780-980-7105 or email You can also review the city’s assessment notice breakdown and/or speak to the City Assessor at the city’s annual property assessment open houses.

I don’t agree with my assessment

The annual assessment roll is prepared by the City Assessor, audited by the province and subject to change by the Assessment Review Board through the complaint process. If you have concerns about your property assessment, you can call us at 780-980-7105 or email

The assessor will review your assessment and provide an explanation specific to your property. If you are not satisfied with the explanation or solution offered, you may file a written complaint with the Assessment Review Board. Assessment complaint deadlines are shown on the front of your assessment notice.

How to file a complaint

According to provincial legislation and city bylaws, complaints may be filed by the registered owner of the property or an agent acting on the owner’s behalf. A complaint filed by an agent must include a signed letter of authorization from the owner. Your complaint and the appropriate fees must be received by the Assessment Review Board Clerk within 60 days of the date your assessment was mailed to you. This deadline is set out in legislation and cannot be extended.

Send or deliver your complaint to:

Assessment Review Board
Civic Centre
1 Alexandra Park
Leduc, AB
T9E 4C4

Learn more about property assessment complaints and appeals.