Back Lanes 2023

The following back lanes will undergo reconstruction, to ensure the continued stability and safety of the lane:  

  • Back lane in Corinthia neighbourhood surrounding Mohawk Cres. 
  • Back lanes in Linsford neighbourhood from 45 Ave North to the T-intersection. 

Lanes will be excavated down to the base or sub-grade, restabilized, and re-surfaced. Gas lines may be impacted during this work, and the City will work closely with APEX Utilities as needed.  

During reconstruction, access to the back lane will be limited and/or unavailable, and there may be impacts to RV parking and waste collection. Impacted residents are encouraged to make arrangements and move any RVs ahead of construction, and to keep an eye out for specific details and timelines from the contractor as the work begins and progresses.  

Project Manager:  Tyler Wood
Contact: 780-980-7107  /
Timeline: Spring/Summer 2023
Funding: City of Leduc


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Project Details

Mohawk Cres - Backlanes Staging-LR.jpg

Project Update

Date Status
May 31, 2023 Removals are set to begin in stage 1 on June 1 . APEX will take approximatley 3 weeks to replace the gas line in stage 1 on starting June 5.


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Project Update

Date Status



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